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//========= Copyright Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. ============//
// Purpose:
#ifndef CLIENT_H
#define CLIENT_H
#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once
#include "NetChannel.h"
class CNetworkClient : public IConnectionlessPacketHandler, public INetworkMessageHandler, public ILookupChannel
virtual ~CNetworkClient();
bool Init( int nListenPort );
void Shutdown();
bool Connect( const char *server, int port );
void Disconnect();
// IConnectionlessPacketHandler
virtual bool ProcessConnectionlessPacket( CNetPacket *packet ); // process a connectionless packet
// INetworkMessageHandler
virtual void OnConnectionClosing( INetChannel *channel, char const *reason );
virtual void OnConnectionStarted( INetChannel *channel );
virtual void OnPacketStarted( int inseq, int outseq );
virtual void OnPacketFinished();
// ILookupChannel
virtual INetChannel *FindNetChannel( const netadr_t& from ) ;
INetChannel *GetNetChannel()
return &m_NetChan;
void ReadPackets();
void SendUpdate();
CUDPSocket *m_pSocket;
CNetChannel m_NetChan;
bool m_bConnected;
#endif // CLIENT_H