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0. Requirements

1. Install

  • Install python3 and python-virtualenv
  • Create a virtualenv: python3 -m venv venv
  • Activate the virtualenv: . venv/bin/activate
  • Install all dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt

2. Usage

Set up game server stuff.

You need to have SourceTV enabled and use the vaudio_celt voice codec:

// Server Cvars
sv_consistency 0
sv_pure -1

// Source TV
tv_allow_camera_man 0
tv_autorecord 0
tv_delay 0
tv_enable 1
tv_maxclients 16
tv_maxrate 0
tv_name "TorchTV"
tv_transmitall 1
tv_chattimelimit 1

sv_voicecodec "vaudio_celt"

map de_dust2

Don't put +map into your startup cmdline.

Adapt config.json.

Make sure you are in the virtualenv! (. venv/bin/activate)

Run: python


  • Install wine
  • Run as normal user (not root)
  • Run torchlight with: xvfb-run -a python