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Counter-Strike: Source bug fixes

Fixes crash in filter_activator_*->TestActivator() when activator isn't valid anymore.

Fixes game_ui lag and player_speedmod turning off your flashlight.


Thanks to the leaked Source Engine 2007 sourcecode.

File: se2007/game/server/game_ui.cpp

Line 292:
void CGameUI::Think( void )
	pPlayer->AddFlag( FL_ONTRAIN );

Replaced pPlayer->AddFlag( FL_ONTRAIN ); with NOP to fix prediction issues while having game_ui active.

File: se2007/game/server/player.cpp

Line: 7587
void CMovementSpeedMod::InputSpeedMod(inputdata_t &data)
			// Turn off the flashlight
			if ( pPlayer->FlashlightIsOn() )

NOP'd out the block.