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2019-12-18 12:04:10 +01:00
# vim: set sts=2 ts=8 sw=2 tw=99 et:
import sys
from ambuild2 import run
# Simple extensions do not need to modify this file.
builder = run.PrepareBuild(sourcePath = sys.path[0])
builder.options.add_option('--hl2sdk-root', type=str, dest='hl2sdk_root', default=None,
help='Root search folder for HL2SDKs')
builder.options.add_option('--mms-path', type=str, dest='mms_path', default=None,
help='Path to Metamod:Source')
builder.options.add_option('--sm-path', type=str, dest='sm_path', default=None,
help='Path to SourceMod')
builder.options.add_option('--enable-debug', action='store_const', const='1', dest='debug',
help='Enable debugging symbols')
builder.options.add_option('--enable-optimize', action='store_const', const='1', dest='opt',
help='Enable optimization')
builder.options.add_option('-s', '--sdks', default='all', dest='sdks',
help='Build against specified SDKs; valid args are "all", "present", or '
'comma-delimited list of engine names (default: %default)')