20 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
BotoX c2aeb086e2 fix for latest css update, thanks to maxime1907 12 months ago
BotoX e3df1eaa0e focus on being just a connect extension again (use together with as2qcache) 1 year ago
Pan32 f0731ceee2 Logging Convar 3 years ago
BotoX fcf1d95fba fix uninitialized struct members? 3 years ago
BotoX 42b85aa02c remove sanity checks, add player_changename event 3 years ago
BotoX 91dac016f1 Fix Source Engine bug where fakeclients don't disconnect properly on mapchange. 3 years ago
BotoX 0352522795 fake dogans 3 years ago
BotoX 40f6b8679d bugfix 3 years ago
BotoX e4bc7ce0bb SANITY CHECK AND LOG ALLL THE THINGS !!!!! 3 years ago
BotoX 7b8d71d1fa curtime resets on mapchange, use net_time 3 years ago
BotoX 84e07e975e Add A2S_INFO and A2S_PLAYER querycache which also counts nosteam players and sourcetv 3 years ago
BotoX 21a9b80bbd fix last commit? STEAM_ID_PENDING bug ... 4 years ago
BotoX cc68fe8e3c fix player disconnect hook firing on mapchange 4 years ago
BotoX 3cf54e32eb improve logging, fix OnClientDisconnecting and add some steamid-already-exists logic 4 years ago
BotoX 7adf2e1fe0 possibly fix bug where steam players are marked as nosteam 4 years ago
BotoX b8de0a49f9 fix build on latest sourcemod 4 years ago
BotoX 5d04944952 nosteam detection WIP 4 years ago
BotoX 90a8a1e3a4 Proper nosteam 5 years ago
BotoX d196f352c2 Cleaned up, added nosteam functionality and force validation when steam servers are down. 5 years ago
BotoX c0f5bee161 initial commit 6 years ago